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Level testing

Designed by linguists, powered by AI, the 15-minute Dynamic Speaking Test uses real-word tasks to deliver a detailed CEFR level. Runs on all devices.

Level testing

All it takes is 30 minutes to find a learner’s CEFR level, fine-tuned with a numeric score. It's instant. It's accurate. It's reliable.

General English

Provides functional English to Pre-A1 and A1 newcomers adjusting to life in their local community. Focuses on practical activities, and includes a learning skills section, and systematic vocabulary development.

IELTS preparation

Ideal for IELTS preparation: the interactive activities, advice videos, and practice tests are aimed precisely at the challenges candidates face.

General English

Helps learners develop the whole range of reading skills at six levels: prediction, vocab strategies, inference, skimming, topic sentences and much more.

General English

Helps learners improve their understanding of 33 key grammar areas from some/any at Elementary level to phrasal verbs at Advanced level.

General English

Help your learners recognize and pronounce the 43 sounds of English through audio, video and interactive activities. Choose from three models: Australian, British or North American English.

General English

Focuses on the features of natural, fluent speech: word and sentence stress, consonant clusters, connected speech and intonation. Choose from three models: Australian, British or North American English.

General English

Practical Writing is for students at Intermediate to Advanced level who need to use written English both at school and in their personal life.

General English

A comprehensive course in academic study skills: focuses on language skills as well as critical thinking, independent learning, seminars and research.

Admin Panel

Manage users, monitor usage, generate detailed reports, and set up tests — the administrative tool with everything in one place. Included with all Clarity programs.

Match the program to its CEFR level

Find out which ClarityEnglish programs are suitable for your learners at different IELTS band scores and CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference) levels.

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Match ClarityEnglish programs with CEFR level

Clarity Guide to Online English 2024

The Clarity Guide gives you all the information you need about Clarity programs and support in PDF catalogue format.

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